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Dear Agency Owner,

These are dangerous times for marketers like us. 

Competition is on the rise.

From agencies down the street... across the country... and halfway around the globe. And for many in our profession it's forcing a pricing race to the bottom.

At the same time new DIY marketing tools are launched every few days.

This proliferation of SaaS marketing platforms is side-stepping pros... by going directly after the small businesses marketers want to sell services to.

The fact is, things are only going to get worse.

For those who don't make a plan, that is... and take the necessary action to survive... thrive... and grow.

Which is exactly why we are sharing with you this FREE AGENCY TRAINING housed inside the Prepared Marketers Online Community.

And as an ADDED BONUS...

When you join our FREE Exclusive Agency Owner Online Community, you will not only get access to this 7 Session Agency Growth Training...

You'll also gain membership in our Marketing Agency "Book Club" where you will receive a curated business book summary each week.

And you'll have access to fellow Marketing Agency Owners and Service Providers to connect, collaborate, and share business growth insights.

Plus, you will be invited to participate in our weekly "Book Club" calls to help you focus on achieving your most important business goals.

Now you may be asking yourself "what's the catch?"

Here's our very simple answer: 

We are in the business of licensing our proprietary consulting program to marketing agencies - and hope you'll consider learning more about what we offer.

There's no hidden agenda.

The fact is our program might be a good fit for your agency.

There's also a chance it also might not.

Either way, we're excited to share our experience, training, and community resources with a fellow marketer like you... no strings attached.

We can't wait to welcome you into our community!

We're Ken Cook & David Baer from The Prepared Group. 

We've run and grown our own agencies. Now we're sharing our approach to attracting, capturing, and retaining small business clients in ways hardly anybody talks about in our industry.

A quick word of caution: If you're looking for information on how to get started as agency or learn how to become a marketer, this training is not for you.

However, if you run an established agency or marketing business, and you want to learn the secrets to growing and thriving in our current climate where business owners see you as a commodity rather than an expert advisor...

This training is for you!

Not long ago, we were invited by a major Marketing Automation company to conduct a series of trainings for their certified partners - agency owners and marketers just like you.

Now you have the opportunity to be a "fly-on-the-wall" and listen in on the entire six-session training series.

In the 6+ hours of recorded training sessions, you'll discover

  • How a simple lever can be used to fill your calendar with prospects hungry for your services
  • The powerful non-salesy selling mechanism that has business owners begging to hire you to alleviate their biggest business (and sometimes personal) problems
  • How to turn your goodwill, trust, and credibility into a referral marketing machine
  • The one thing most agencies fail to do 9 times out of 10 which could easily double revenue
  • The counterintuitive pricing strategy that will put more money in your pocket than you ever imagined possible